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We are opening soon our 3rd location! You can help us!

In a globalized world dominated by supermarkets, industrial farms and food from the other side of the world – we care about access to healthy food by focusing on direct cooperation with farmers, localism, seasonality and ecology. The “Dobrze” Food Cooperative Association is a social enterprise based on the values of cooperation and sustainable development, benefiting everyone: producers, customers, members and employees. We create a community that jointly runs two stores with bio products, and additionally organizes numerous events promoting an environmentally and socially sustainable lifestyle. We have been operating since 2013. We already associate nearly 500 people. Soon our next dream will come true.

Cooperative Social Center in Mokotów

At the beginning of 2021, we plan to open a new space, which will house a store with a meeting place. In August, we won a competition announced by the District Board for the preferential lease of premises at the intersection of Puławska and Narbutta Streets*.

We have invited the local community to create the program of the Cooperative Social Center (KCS), and we will focus on organizing events close to our mission, including: trainings in the social economy, meetings with farmers, “Do it yourself” workshops, lectures on cooperatives. Every day there will be a cafe and, of course, a cooperative shop open at the premises.

An important element of our activity will be the Social Entrepreneurship Incubator, whose aim will be to support initiatives combining economic activity with the promotion of a sustainable lifestyle.

Our model of operation

The “Dobrze” Cooperative has been creating a pioneering social enterprise for 7 years, managed by values such as locality, seasonality and social responsibility.

We have 2 non-profit grocery stores in Warsaw, run by members of the Cooperative. Our model involves the community work of members (currently 450 people), who in return get lower prices (about 30%) than the prices for non-members of the association. Thanks to this solution, we provide access to the highest quality food at affordable prices and at the same time create an outlet for local farms.

We buy food directly from farmers and producers, thus supporting short supply chains. We sell local and seasonal goods in the spirit of zero-waste. With our daily activities, we promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle in harmony with the care for the planet. Additionally, we organize many supplementary educational and popularizing events.

We need support for the renovation of the premises

The premises we won in the competition with an area of almost 200 m2 have great potential. Unfortunately, in order to be able to use them, they must first be thoroughly renovated. We are working intensively on the plan for the adaptation and revitalization of the space. Our members are involved in the realisation of the conception and offer their commitment to renovation work. However, we need external support, because the renovation is very expensive, it requires, among others, replacement of floors, plumbing, adding a bathroom adapted to the needs of people with disabilities, selecting ergonomic workshop furniture, equipment for the cafe and the shop. The comfortable and aesthetic equipment of the Cooperative Social Center exceeds our current financial capabilities, which is why we will soon start a crowdfunding campaign asking for support for our activities.

We need 100 000 EUR for renovation works, stock replenishment and equipment.

You can support us by:

★ donating money directly to our account

Stowarzyszenie Kooperatywa Spożywcza “Dobrze”
Vistula Cooperative Bank
PL09 9011 0005 3030 0010 2000 0061

★ PayPal account


* In August 2020, by the decision of the Management Board of the District of Mokotów, we won the competition for the development of the premises at the corner of Puławska and Narbutta Streets. The creation of a resident-friendly place was the subject of efforts of the local community. In 2019, thanks to the informal group, Let’s Create a Neighborhood in Mokotów, there were started advocacy activities with local authorities, as a result of which this place was excluded from commercial lease and transferred for preferential lease to an organization that meets the expectations of both neighbors and the Mokotów authorities.


In front of our 2nd store (Andersa 27):

Our 3rd location before the renovation (October 2020):

Watch a short documentary about us:

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