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 Warsaw calling: Help to open first truly cooperative shop since 1989 in Poland.

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Affordable healthy food? Familiar farmers? A shop managed by a community? Fun weekend meetings? Cooperation instead of competition? YES! With the opening of the first co-op shop in Poland, the Warsaw-based food co-op “Dobrze” is carving out a niche to create new quality in the area of healthy food and community action. Support truly pioneering initiative by joining the campaign!

Our goal is to create the first grocery shop in Poland managed by a food co-op. The shop will be shaped and developed by an open community of its members. Due to our shared work, healthy food will be affordable.

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We look for your support since municiplaities in Warsaw  are not in favour of anything outside ‘buisness as usual’ box. It’s people who we count on, open-minded people who know what solidarity economy is about. Support us. The money we are collecting will go towards equipment and renovation of the shop. 

We are a group of people who got engaged in “Dobrze” food co-op, so that we can get for ourselves and others affordable healthy food, which was produced with respect towards the environment and people’s labour. Since July 2013 we’ve been organising weekly shopping offering healthy, eco and local food. All products we buy come from trusted local vegetable and fruit farmers who we’ve visited at their farms. We also organise educational and integrative meetings. We are a community. Find out more.


 Please support us and help us collect the money necessary for equipment and renovation of the shop. The more payments we receive, the easier it will be for us to develop and become accessible for more people.

 With every week we get more and more people willing to join us! In order to become accessible for more people, we have decided to open the co-op shop in the centre of Warsaw. To make it happen we worked on our strategy, established an legal association and applied to rent a space from the city. The shop will function mainly thanks to members’ contributions of money and work. In return, members will enjoy affordable prices and other conveniences however the shop will be open for everyone who wants to shop there. Our goal is to integrate the community around common values and improve access to healthy food. The generated income will be directed towards development of the shop and organisation of social and educational events.


What is the difference between a co-op shop and a regular shop?

  • the shop functions thanks to members’ contributions

  • income is directed towards co-op’s development
  • we ensure access to healthy and affordable food
  • we create equal & democratic community

  • we buy food from small scale farmers


What do we lack? Why do we need min. 12 000 pln (approx. 3 000 euro)?

In order to open a shop we need to collect money for renovating the space and buying the necessary equipment. 12 000 is a minimum, but we can’t do this without your help. More money we get, easier we suceed.


Work that needs to be done:

Renovation: drying and painting the walls, fixing the plumbing, equipping the sanitary room.

Shop equipment: fiscal cash register, cooling display cabinet, packaging for bulk foods, shelves


Support us. Thanks to your help we can make these dreams become a reality! By supporting us, you do “Dobrze” (Polish for “good”). Thank you!